Passport to Adventure: Explore B, Ages 9–10, Student Edition

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Purposeful Design's new English as a foreign language series, Passport to Adventure, was developed by an international team of language learning professionals to provide flexibility to meet the unique needs of many student groups.
Each lesson in this series helps teachers and students explore the world beyond their classrooms through learning a foreign language. The children will learn English in engaging and creative ways - through songs and chants, vivid color pictures, and many fun and age-appropriate activities.

Most importantly, the children will learn and practice important moral and spiritual principles while they are learning English. This values-based series is designed to teach children how to live more caring, responsible, worshipful lives.
Passport to Adventure incorporates proven tools needed to offer excellent instruction:
  • Integration of character education and English-language learning goals
  • TOEFL standards-based lessons to prepare students for English-language examinations
  • Multimodal instruction at every level, including singing, stories, listening, speaking, writing, and action learning
  • A focus on English vocabulary relevant for content-area instruction in social studies, science, math, and literature
Teaching for Spiritual and Moral Guidance: It's More than Just Words. Learn more.
Three Keys for Teaching English to young Children. Learn more.
Ten Steps to Planning a Good English Lesson. Learn more.
View a Passport to Adventure series overview and introduction webinar, presented by Dr. Jan Dormer, author of two of the series' textbooks. Click here.
Teacher Edition Features
  • Unit themes and an abundance of teacher preparation materials for each level
  • Lessons that reflect the most current methodology and practices for foreign language teaching
  • Blackline masters CD
  • Audio CD with many songs, chants, and stories

Student Edition Features

  • Colorful and engaging photographs and illustrations depicting children and adults from many different countries
  • Minibooks that are used to teach stories


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