Presenting Dr. Jan Dormer

Presenting Dr. Jan Dormer

As some of you know, Dra. Jan Dormer has been our partner for a few years and what a privilege this partnership has been for us. Dra. Dormer was with us in the last national congress in May,2019 and ACSI offered a course to the English teachers. 

She wrote a few books about teaching English with a Christian worldview  (links below) and she travels the world training English teachers. She is  currently teaching in a Post Graduation Educational Program in Messiah College in Pensilvania - US. 

This program is 100% online and you can find all the information on the website below: 

She is looking forward to having Brazilian students!!

On the link below you can also find some resources you can forward to your teachers so they can use in the classroom. Her songs are Christ-centered and are sung all over the world. They are in MP3 format and can be downloaded.  On the right of the website, you can find other resources, such as: 'God is good'  Book, English For life Curriculum, etc. 

Links to the books: - Dear Directors, I strongly advise you to have this book :) - You can also purchase this book straight with ACSI office. It costs R$40,00.